Fix Error Code 0x00000124 on Windows

0x00000124 is a blue screen error message that usually occurs sometimes as a result of some temporary computer issues, the installation of a wrong driver, viruses and a host of many other causes. When this error occurs, it temporarily stops the smooth operations of the computer’s operating system

The Solutions of Error Code 0x00000124

There are quite a number of things that could cause the error 0x00000124 code to appear on your screen, ranging from installed drivers to viruses and even normal minor causes.

  1. Firstly, The 0x00000124 Blue Screen error code could appear due to some minor issues on your computer and most times happen when it’s a new computer or some software was just upgraded. In cases like this, you can restart your computer and this should correct the error.
  2. The second possible cause of the STOP error 0x00000124 is the installation of a faulty device driver. So when the code appears on your screen, try to remove, rerun, or disable the drivers to ensure that the problem is fixed.
  3. A third and most probable cause is viruses. Certain viruses can eat up a lot of files in the computer and then force it to send a STOP error 0x00000124 message when it’s in use and cannot find or trace those files. Ensure that you have an antivirus to scan the computer thoroughly enough to eradicate such computer infections.

Another Solution

Without a thorough technical knowledge of the computer operating system, you cannot repair or fix this Error 0x00000124 problem, hence the use of commercial registry cleaners. By the use of these cleaners, you can scan your computer and get rid of any unnecessarily added file. but you can try this one.

  • To solve this 0x00000124 error message from showing up, you should repair your windows registry. The windows registry is the most important and most relevant part of any windows operating system including its configuration and options. The windows registry is needed to store every data, including those required to perform the very basic functions on your PC.
  • ( This means that regardless of where you install and uninstall a software or hardware, the windows registry can remove or add to the information and sometimes in the process make some mistakes and then create the STOP 0x00000124 error )


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