5 Methods To Fix Bad_Pool_Header Error

Bad Pool Header Error in Windows 7/8 or 8.1. You can say this error popped on your PC Randomly out of nowhere; You are presented with Blue Screen of Death(BSOD). would get Blue Screen with much lesser text and a Sad Smiley. Windows 10 Users are also getting Critical Process Died error.

  • This Bad Pool Header Error Occurs because of Following Listed Reasons:
    1. Corrupt Device Drivers.
    2. Faulty/Corrupt Registry Entries.
    3. Damaged Hard Disk.
    4. Bad RAM.
    5. Corrupt Windows System files.
    6. Anti-virus or Anti-Malware Softwares.

How to fix Bad Pool Header Error

This method doesn’t always work but if few Drivers conflicted while startup then just restarting your PC can fix the issue. You might have to try this method.

Method 1: Restart your PC.

You might have probably tried this step already. This method doesn’t always work but if few Drivers conflicted while startup then just restarting your PC can fix the issue.

Method 2: Boot in Safe Mode.

  • Boot Windows 7 in Safe mode:
    1. Reboot your PC and press f8 key before the Windows Logo Appears.
    2. The next Screen you can see will be Advance Boot option.
    3. Now Use arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight Safe Mode option.
    4. Press Enter and login to your user account.
  • Boot Windows 8/8.1 in Safe Mode:
    1. Reboot your Pc and Press Shift + f8 before Windows Logo Appears. (Doesn’t always work)
    2. Alternatively Insert your Windows 8/8.1 CD or Flash drive and boot from it. (You might first need to change the Boot Priority in BIOS Settings.)
    3. Now you will be given 2 options, Install Now and Repair this PC.
    4. Click on Repair this PC, now navigate too Troubleshoot > Advance Options > Startup Settings. Now Simply Enable Safe Mode. You will see a screen like below picture.
  • Startup in Windows 10: (If you are getting this BSOD after upgrading to Windows 10, Then the first thing you need to do is Uncheck Fast Startup. Follow the below Steps.)
    1. Search and Open Control Panel
    2. Now in Control Panel, Search for “Power Button“.
    3. Click on “Change what the power buttons do” Under Power Options.
    4. Click on “Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable” from the window that pops up.
    5. Scroll down and Uncheck Turn on Fast Startup Under Shutdown Settings.
    6. Now Reboot and see if you still get Bad_Pool_Header Blue screen on your Windows 10.

Method 3: Reinstall Windows.

  • By now Windows 8 and 8.1 Users should have fixed this Error, but if Windows 7 users have failed get rid of this Bad Pool Header problem with above methods then you need to Reinstall windows.
  • It is said that Reinstalling Windows Fixes all the Problems, It will be a nice fresh start for you. And This time, avoid Few activities that causes your PC to slow down and becomes home for various Errors.

Method 4: Repair & Undo Recent Changes.

  • A) Fixing Registry issues.
    • As Mentioned Above you can get Bad_Pool_Header Error screen because of recent Changes on your PC. Uninstall any Recently Installed Software that you installed before you got this error.
    • The Software that you have installed might conflict Registries on your PC which ultimately results in this error. Registry entries are Very Important in Windows Computer, May it be old or New. That is why I always Recommend my Visitors to Use Total System Care on your PC.(┬áTSC is a Specialized tool that keeps your Windows Registry Clean and Organized. Clean Registry Entries on Windows PC Ensures Healthy and Error Free PC. Sorting out Registry may fix Bad Pool Header Error for you.)6 Methods To Fix Bad_Pool_Header Error
  • B) Tackling with Device Driver issue.
    • So After Uninstalling Recently installed Softwares, Its time to Get Correct Drivers for your Hardware. Just like Registry entries, Drivers are equally important to keep your PC hardware Running Properly and smoothly.
    • Download Driver Agent which will Automatically Scan and Update/Download Correct Drivers for your Hardware Components.
    • Once Your Drivers are Up to Date, It’s time to Restart your PC and see if the BSOD with Bad_Pool_Header message still appears. If the problem is solved than you are good to go but if you still get the error, then again Boot your PC in Safe mode to perform below step.
  • C) Getting Rid of Antivirus.
    • Now Uninstall any antivirus software that you have installed Like Avast or Malware byte. Our Research shows Uninstalling them Solved the issue for many users. If you have them Installed, then try and perform this Step and see if this solves the problem.

Method 5: Refresh your PC (For Windows 8/8.1 Users )

  • To Perform this step again, you will need Windows Installation Disk or Flash drive.
  • So first insert Windows Installation disk in your DVD-Rom and boot your PC.
  • Click on Repair this PC, Then Click Troubleshoot and then Click on Refresh your PC.
  • Now sit back and relax while your PC is Refreshed for you.

Please let us know which method worked for you in comments below, Any suggestions are most welcomed too.


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